How Can A Staffing Agency Save Your Company Time and Money?

As a manager, you know the value of efficiency. Often, wasted time translates to wasted money, which is why you keep your company as efficient as possible. Nevertheless, there are times when it seems like wasted time is unavoidable, and those times often include the hiring process. Can you avoid all of the hassles and cut right to the chase? Absolutely. Staffing payroll services can take several tasks off your plate, helping you achieve the efficiency you want. Here’s how staffing payroll services can help you save time and money during the hiring process. 

Save Time on Interviews 

In terms of staffing agencies and staffing payroll services, a little bit of time upfront can save you a lot of time overall. You’ll begin with a consultation. An agent will ask you questions and get to know your company, getting a feel for company culture and other factors that determine how new hires may fit into the workplace. 

Because your staffing agency will be the employer of record in this case, the bulk of the interview work is their responsibility. Therefore, you can focus your time and energy on your project or your company’s growth. 

Choose from a Wider Talent Pool 

Your talent pool gets much bigger when you work with staffing payroll services to find your next hire, and that talent pool has become especially crucial in recent months. The COVID-19 pandemic has made some extreme changes in firm headcounts. 

Thus, construction firms and similar organizations need more than just job boards to find the right workers who can fill in the gap. Staffing agencies have many job boards at their disposal. They use a combination of job boards, word of mouth, recommendations, and many other resources. Since they already have all these resources at their fingertips, you get to cast a wider net in a smaller time frame. 

Choose from a Deeper Talent Pool 

Of course, for some industries, it’s not enough to cast a wide net. Some industries require a net that can go deep in order to find applicants who have highly specialized skills. Have you ever wasted work hours by weeding through under-qualified applicants? You don’t have to waste that time if your staffing payroll services include finding the right candidate for the work. Your staffing agency can find the most qualified candidates, saving you from throwing out a pile of applications. 

Take the Headache out of Contract Hiring 

You may already know the hassle of contract hiring. It comes with all the complications of the regular hiring process, but without the permanent addition to your workforce. While most people think of ROI in terms of money, you understand ROI in terms of the return you’re getting on your time investments, too. In these terms, the contract hiring process gives you a smaller ROI than the regular employee hiring process. You can outsource that time and effort to a staffing agency, minimizing the hassle of contract hires. 

Furthermore, agencies that offer staffing payroll services can take care of all of the additional details of contract hiring, including W9 collection. 

Find Multiple Hires with a Single Process 

Another major hiring hassle comes from needing multiple hires at once. Whether you need a lot of contractors or just have several employee slots to fill, finding multiple hires can eat into your company’s time, effort, and energy. However, having an agency on your side can help you save all that time, effort, and energy. Thanks to the hiring agency’s talent pool, you can find multiple hires within a single process. 

Advastar often serves clients who need multiple hires for a project. Many of our clients have a limited time frame to find those hires, but because of our aforementioned talent pool, we can match members of that talent pool to the job quickly. 

“On very short notice, Advastar was able to provide us with 25+ skilled and certified tradesmen to support an emergency project for one of our most valued (and largest) clients,” said Keven, a general manager. “Needless to say, we scored a big win with our clients thanks to the efforts of the team at Advastar.” 

Consolidated Services Can Save You Money 

The hiring process is a combination of work, organization, and time, and of course, all of those things get complicated. The more tasks you have on your plate, the more time and energy this process will take. This complicated process can also cost you money. You spend money to advertise your available positions and post openings on multiple job boards. Then there’s the financial loss that can come from diverting regular work hours to interviewing multiple people. 

However, what if you could consolidate all of those tasks into a single service with a simple, straightforward cost? Because staffing payroll services can find your new hires quickly, they can also save you money right away, and you won’t get caught off-guard when it comes to pricing. Like a lot of other services, staffing services can save you money when you bring your options together. 

Let Staffing Payroll Services Handle Background Checks

Background checks are just one specific way for you to spend time on the hiring process. You know that background checks are very important, and you wouldn’t hire anyone who couldn’t clear a background check, but these things do take time. 

Staffing agencies run background checks on their candidates before they send those candidates your way. This way, you’ll have one less item on your to-do list. 

Don’t Divert Your Attention 

All of this saved time adds up. When you don’t have to dig through applications, schedule multiple interviews, and weigh the pros and cons of different candidates, you can focus on the other things that matter most to your company. For instance, are you seeking new hires to accommodate your company’s growth? Why stall that growth by diverting your attention from it? Instead, you can focus on other areas of growth while your staffing agency finds the right candidates for the work you need. 

Overall, having a staffing agency on your side means having more people to look out for your company’s needs. As a result, saving time and money is virtually guaranteed. 

Make the Staffing Payroll Services Process Work for You 

Since no two companies are alike, each one has different staffing needs, and each will reap different benefits from using a staffing agency. As you work with a staffing agency, you’ll likely find benefits that we did not mention above but still serve your company well nonetheless. 

The key is to find the right staffing agency for your needs. Ideally, look for a staffing agency that focuses on your industry. This is especially important if you run a highly demanding and/or technical business, as your staffing process can be more complex than other companies’ staffing processes. You don’t want your industry to be a footnote or an afterthought. 

Once you’ve found the right staffing agency, you can bolster your company with the help you need, all while avoiding distractions. Contact Advastar today to learn more.