Advastar offers tailored technical, industrial, and manufacturing recruitment and staffing solutions across multiple industry specialties and positional levels. From assembly to quality control to distribution, our experienced manufacturing recruiting and staffing specialists can play an integral role in the efficiency of your manufacturing operation.

When it comes to building a smarter manufacturing process — and company for that matter — there’s more to it than putting together pieces of a product puzzle. There are other challenging issues to contend with, like seasonal fluctuations, customer expectations for quick turnaround, quality maintenance, changes in supply and demand, just-in-time product delivery, and irregular production schedules to name a few.

Productivity and efficiency is a key issue for most manufacturing companies, and at Advastar we know the value of placing team players who can meet company-wide productivity goals, despite the aforementioned issues. That’s why we’re devoted to sourcing the right candidates for your specialized needs quickly and efficiently in order to fuel and maximize your company’s productivity.

Manufacturing Specialties

• Assembly
• Warehouse and Distribution
• Operations
• Maintenance
• Green Manufacturing
• Inspection
• Production Management
• Project Support
• Quality Assurance/Quality Control
• Skilled Trades
• Light Technical
• General Labor

Industrial Manufacturing Positions

• Floor Assembler
• Assembly Supervisor
• Warehouse Worker
• Warehouse Supervisor
• Machine Operator
• Shift Coordinator
• Shift Supervisor
• Electrician
• Foreman
• Maintenance Mechanic
• Maintenance Technician
• Operations Leader
• Equipment Technician
• Safety Technician
• Testing Technician
• Control Specialist
• Welder
• Woodworker
• Field Service Technician
• Quality Assurance Specialist
• Quality Inspector
• Packager
• Receiver
• Shipper
• Production Manager
• Distribution Manager
• Facilities Manager
• Safety Manager
• General Manager
• Extrusion Supervisor

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