Challenges and Solutions for Oil and Gas Staffing Needs

While the oil and gas industry is currently down, staffing issues for the industry are still relevant. The shortage of skilled labor for oil and gas staffing needs is a challenge the industry faces regardless of market conditions. Oil and gas companies continue to look to staffing agencies like Advastar to help address these challenges. 

Even when new or expansion projects are on hold this industry has unique challenges in maintaining existing production systems. Maintenance is important to preserve equipment resources. Also, it’s critical to meet local, state and federal guidelines when applicable. 

Oil and gas production activity includes not only workers on the ground, but also skilled workers from the engineering disciplines. Another example of an important staffing factor for efficient field production are experienced project managers. 

Oil and gas companies laid off workers in response to falling prices this year. The shortage of engineering and other skilled talent remains an issue. 

In addition to meeting oil and gas staffing needs for today, talent retention for this industry long term is a significant challenge. 

Talent Retention and Pipeline Challenges for Oil and Gas Staffing

The oil and gas industry workforce has traditionally been content with their pay levels. The Global Energy Talent Index (GETI) 2020 report 51% of both salaried and contract workers expected a pay increase in the coming year. Increasing wages are a way oil and gas staffing challenges have been kept somewhat in check. 

However, the shortage of skilled staff is a concern that’s grown considerably over the past few years. If revenues don’t allow companies to meet pay expectations set by the industry, retaining skilled staff will be difficult. 

The challenge increases with the draw of the renewable energy sector. This growth sector poses a threat of draining skilled talent from the oil and gas industry. Surveys indicate a growing number of oil and gas workers consider a move to the renewable energy sector would increase career advancement opportunities. 

The renewable energy sector is a noteworthy example. But it’s not the only industry that draws skilled staff away from oil and gas companies. Many of these workers indicate the lack of career advancement and training opportunities as reasons they consider leaving.

The risk increases with younger generations entering the workforce gravitating away from the oil and gas sector. With the average age of oil and gas staff being 41+ years, there is a vacuum developing in the workforce pipeline. 

The oil and gas market is expected to rebound in 2022. Preparing for that makes the shortage of qualified talent for skilled staff in the industry a concern.  

Solutions for Oil and Gas Staffing Challenges

During difficult times in the oil and gas industry, staffing agencies like Advastar provide solutions. While the need for skilled labor remains, hiring staff during a revenue decline does not make sense for many oil and gas companies. Advastar is a staffing partner that fills positions so production needs continue to be met. 

When the skills of an engineer are necessary to determine why an oil well has stopped producing for example, Advastar has access to individuals to fill that need. We also provide experienced Project Managers that keep field teams on the right track. 

Construction projects that started in the oil and gas industry prior to this year still have completion dates that need to be met. When those project budgets are facing cuts, Advastar ensures continued access to skilled labor on an as needed basis. 

We also provide experienced foreman and other construction management staff that know how to deliver projects successfully on-time and on-budget. 

And if a project requires NCCCO Certified Crane Operators or NCCCO/NCCER Certified Riggers, our network of candidates is the largest in the industry. 

How An Oil and Gas Staffing Company Can Help

With indicators that the oil and gas labor force seeks more opportunities for advancement, Advastar offers a solution with contract to hire candidates. It’s a good way for both the candidate and employer to determine if the fit is right. 

Additionally, Advastar has experienced recruiters to help draw engineering talent to oil and gas companies. Using this downturn in the sector as an opportunity to build a company’s talent base, ensures they are ready to take full advantage of an industry rebound. 

A reported 89% of oil and gas staff state they would consider relocation for career progress. This means Advastar’s nationwide recruiting footprint is an advantage. Engineering talent is a valuable resource in the oil and gas industry. And our existing recruiting network for the engineering field makes Advastar an asset to your organization.

We also specialize in supplying skilled labor and management from the construction industry. Our construction professionals bring a wealth of experience to projects in the oil and gas industry.  

Contact Advastar For Help With Your Oil and Gas Staffing Needs

Human resource departments are stretched thin in the oil and gas industry. Advastar contributes by offering payroll processing for contract labor. We also handle the screening and interviewing process based on an oil and gas company’s requirements. 

An overall benefit is the role Advastar plays in retaining talent for the oil and gas industry. Keeping skilled oil and gas staff engaged and providing a conduit for career exploration are just two ways we benefit industry retention rates. 

There are challenges for oil and gas staffing, but they aren’t insurmountable. From saving labor costs by supplying engineers, project managers, construction industry professionals and other skilled staff during this downturn to recruiting for future needs, Advastar offers tailored solutions. Contact us to learn more or to schedule a free consultation.