How a Staffing Agency Supports Manufacturing’s Growth Momentum

While the 2020 Covid pandemic stalled growth momentum in manufacturing temporarily, the outlook is still bright for job growth in this sector. Many US-based manufacturers rely on companies like Advastar to meet their staffing and payroll needs when experiencing growth.

There are 12.85 million manufacturing jobs employing 8.5% of the American workforce. The impact of filling manufacturing jobs on the economy as a whole is significant. The number of workers needed to keep the manufacturing sector growing makes staffing agencies an ideal solution. 

The Current Manufacturing Job Outlook

Some economists predict there will be an increase in reliance on US-based manufacturers as a result of the pandemic. They theorize that globalization trends will decrease, which means more jobs for manufacturing workers in the United States. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported 469,000 job openings in manufacturing and 362,000 new hires in the industry as of 2019. The BLS reports that while 7.5 million jobs in manufacturing have been lost since 1980, job opening rates in manufacturing have nearly doubled in the past two decades.

The job outlook is further affected by the number of employees in this sector approaching retirement age. This creates a potential gap as fewer graduating high school seniors choose a career path in manufacturing. 

How an Agency Helps Manufacturers Meet Staffing and Payroll Needs

The manufacturing employment sector can be volatile. For example, a manufacturer of wood-based products may experience a quarter of decreased revenue followed by several spikes in demand for their products. Growth fluctuations may be attributed to something as simple as the fact the manufacturers make seasonal products. In this instance, a staffing agency like Advastar offers a perfect solution. 

Manufacturers who are subject to market volatility can rely on an agency to meet their staffing and payroll needs when demand spikes. The benefit is the manufacturer doesn’t have to bear the cost burden of layoffs when sales decline. 

Government spending also impacts the manufacturing sector. While much of the talk regarding job growth from the recent stimulus packages centers around infrastructure, manufacturing also stands to benefit. When a manufacturer is awarded a contract either directly or as a result of government spending, they need to leap into action quickly.

A staffing agency like Advastar can fill immediate job openings in a shorter time frame than manufacturers can through in-house procedures. The manufacturer saves time and money while being able to ramp up and accept new contracts. 

Some of the positions filled by a staffing agency may be front-line assembly workers on contract. However, Advastar doesn’t stop there in providing staffing solutions for manufacturers. When manufacturers need workers with degrees in areas like engineering, Advastar shines with our large pool of resources to pull from to meet this demand quickly. 

How Filling Manufacturing Jobs Keeps the Economy Moving 

The gross domestic product (GDP) from manufacturing was $2.33 trillion just three years ago, driving 11.6% of US economic output. Manufactured goods make up half of American exports. As a result, it’s easy to see how significant an impact this sector has on the economy. This effect is compounded by the fact that every dollar in manufacturing adds $1.89 in revenue. The revenue supports businesses in services, retailing, and transportation.  

The economic impact is not solely based on job growth, but also on keeping positions filled and assembly lines moving. Advastar provides staffing and payroll services to meet this need and help support growth momentum in manufacturing. 

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Staffing and Payroll Services for Manufacturing 

Advastar customizes staffing and payroll services to meet the current needs of manufacturers. Whether it be providing staffing for temporary contract work, contract-to-hire positions, or direct placement, our recruiting experts know how to deliver fast results and top-notch talent. 

When a manufacturer anticipates a revenue spike, we are often one of their first calls. We’ve been providing staffing solutions since 2012. Our manufacturing clients know we will deliver staffing solutions when they need them the most. 

Advastar provides our manufacturing clients with access to well-qualified candidates by not relying on job boards but instead focusing on our networking, referral partners, passive candidate recruitment, past hires, and our extensive proprietary manufacturing professional database. In addition, we can drill down to specific candidates with experience in a manufacturer’s specific industry. 

Advastar also offers payroll services for manufacturers wishing to outsource these functions. Handing off payroll services to Advastar leads to tremendous savings of time, money, and resources for manufacturers. As a staffing agency with vast experience, we know how to provide seamless payroll services. These can meet the growing needs of manufacturers. 

We are here to make life easier when manufacturers need to hire top talent from across the United States. If you’re a manufacturing plant facility or design/fabrication firm looking to hire candidates with a manufacturing background to meet your growth needs, contact Kansas City’s most trusted staffing agency today!