engineeringAdvastar provides Engineering Staffing for a wide range of engineering projects from planning, design, implementation, and management. From front-line engineering positions to quality engineers to executive personnel, we offer a comprehensive engineering resourcing service that identifies pivotal candidates with sought-after experience and skills to meet our clients’ pressing engineering job vacancies.

Our wide-reaching industry contacts, bountiful database of candidates, innovative recruiting methods, and stellar recruiters enable us to expeditiously recruit even the most hard-to-find engineering candidates. Added together, these tools provide you with a complete engineering recruitment service.

We source all engineering disciplines and experience levels, including drafters, designers, and degreed engineers, as well as specialized needs. At Advastar, our staff has the know-how and expertise necessary to identify the individual you are looking for with the precise experience you need.

Advastar provides junior to senior engineers, developers, engineering technicians, designer, testers, and many, more engineering candidates. Here is just a sampling of engineering positions we place and industry segments we serve:

Engineering Positions

• Mechanical Engineer
• Electrical Engineer
• Chemical Engineer
• Civil Engineer
• Robotic Engineer
• Industrial Engineer
• Certification Engineer
• Design Engineer
• Safety Engineer
• Environmental Engineer
• Process Engineer
• Quality Engineer
• CAD Designers
• Project Engineers
• Drafters
• Structural Engineer
• Engineering Technicians
• Research & Development Engineer

Industry Segments

• Aeronautical
• Aerospace
• Alternative Energy
• Automation
• Automotive
• Biotechnology
• Consumer Products
• Defense
• Electronics
• Energy and Power
• Food/Beverage
• Green Technology
• Infrastructure
• Manufacturing
• Medical Device
• Nanotechnology
• Nuclear
• Petrochemical/Oil & Gas
• Pharmaceutical
• Plastics / Packaging
• Quality/Lean/Six Sigma
• Semiconductors
• Shipbuilding
• Telecommunications

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