An Engineering Staffing Agency for America’s Power Grid Struggle

As an engineering staffing agency, we know that America’s power grids aren’t up to speed for today’s electricity needs. America’s electric grids consist of more than a trillion dollars’ worth of infrastructure, and virtually all of that infrastructure needs to be upgraded. 

Rolling Blackouts and Brownouts 

Most of America’s electrical grids were built in the 1950s. In other words, the bulk of America’s electricity sources come from a time when I Love Lucy was a brand-new show. 

In those days, people didn’t over-tax those power grids with too many demands. For most families, it was enough to have a television set, a radio, some lights, and some appliances. 

Today, people use electricity to power all of the above and then some. Energy efficiency has, ironically, added a new layer of difficulty to America’s power grid problem. While products such as energy-efficient lightbulbs certainly last longer than their non-efficient counterparts, they must work with a grid that wasn’t built for them. 

Times are certainly different from the days when our electrical grids were installed, but the electrical grids themselves are the same, which is why we have such a big need for the engineering staffing agency. America is essentially trying to power a Ferrari with the engine of a station wagon. 

The result? Rolling blackouts and brownouts. Since America doesn’t have the grid power that it needs, people often lose some or all of their power. The current system just isn’t sustainable in a world that runs on electricity, and it will only become less sustainable as our electrical products become more sophisticated. 

The Capital Without the Workforce 

The good news is that money has been relegated to fix that infrastructure. The better news is that cities and counties have plans to begin those desperately-needed upgrades. The money and the planning could bring big changes to American communities, virtually eliminating the rolling blackouts and brownouts that we mentioned above. 

Unfortunately, that’s where the good news stops. The plan exists, and the capital exists, but the workforce needs more numbers. On their own, electric companies don’t have the number of people they need to begin their infrastructure work. Without the workforce, America remains in an electrical limbo, forced to keep relying on the same power grids that brought us black and white television through rabbit-ear antennas. 

How an Engineering Staffing Agency Can Help 

As an engineering staffing agency, we have a solution for the workforce disparity. At Advastar, we have access to a huge talent pool. We match industry experts to their ideal jobs, matching electrical engineers and other electrical professionals with their ideal employers. 

To help fill in the gap between the need and the current workforce, our engineering staffing agency can also match electric companies with skilled contractors. We offer several staffing options, including: 

  • Contract  
  • Contract to hire 
  • Direct placement
  • Payrolling services. 

Many of the people in our talent pool have retired from full-time electrical engineering. They have years of experience under their belts, so they have a deep knowledge of what today’s electrical grids need the most. Many experts who have retired from full-time work are more than willing to provide contract work, bringing their unparalleled skills back when they’re needed the most. 

Our engineering staffing agency can bolster your project from start to finish. With our help, you don’t have to burden your own system with the hiring process. You can redirect your attention to your most pressing needs while we match the workers to your project. 

Why Advastar Engineering Staffing Agency? 

Why choose Advastar for your engineering staffing needs? We take pride in setting ourselves apart. Here’s what makes us the ideal engineering staffing agency. 

Customized Recruiting and Staffing Solutions 

No two companies are alike. Your organization has its own structure, culture, communication system, and way of doing things. Your hiring process won’t look like the next company’s hiring process, and that’s okay. 

When you work with an engineering staffing agency, you need a team that understands your needs. That’s why at Advastar, we spend time getting to know your organization. From there, we can provide a fully customized recruiting and staffing solution for your project. 

Unlike some other staffing agencies, we don’t believe in the “one size fits all” approach or the “try it and see what happens” approach. Our way takes a little more work, but we’re proud of that work. Like you, we’d rather get the job done right the first time. 

Going Beyond the Job Boards 

A lot of staffing agencies use job boards to find candidates. Of course, we have job boards at our disposal, too. However, we go way beyond the job boards to find the right talent for your projects. Our vast talent pool includes people we’ve met through networking, past hires, interviews, referrals, and our own engineering database. Job boards alone aren’t always enough to find the right candidate. We open up all the possibilities so that you can find the perfect fit. 

One Point of Contact 

No matter your location, Advastar will be your single point of contact during the hiring and recruiting process. There’s no need to track down phone numbers or waste your time getting everyone up to speed. We can take care of everything. You just let us know what you need. 

Schedule Your Free Consultation 

The Advastar team is here to help whenever you need an engineering staffing agency. Contact us to schedule your consultation or to ask any questions you may have about our process. 

America’s electric companies need a lot of extra support these days. Advastar can help your team get the support that it needs. Let us help you as you help America leave the age of black and white.