7 Ways We Ensure Quality Candidates

As someone who runs an engineering firm, you already know how difficult the hiring process can be. Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, many engineering firms have seen their hiring process change dramatically, with recent numbers suggesting that the need for engineering hiring firms will increase as the US economy regains traction. 

As you already know, however, it’s not enough to just put a person into a role. You must fill available positions with high-quality candidates, which means that you want a high-quality engineering staffing agency to put those candidates in place. 

As a staffing agency, we use several methods to place high-quality candidates into engineering roles for our engineering and construction industry clients. Below are seven of the most important. 

Engineer Staffing Agency 

First, we narrow our focus to specialized engineering and construction candidates. Some staffing agencies focus on general knowledge and filling a wide range of jobs. That works for a lot of industries, but a construction or engineering firm wanting top-tier candidates efficiently, will want and need a recruiting & staffing partner who specializes in their industry.   

Advastar specializes in specific, highly-skilled industries, including engineering, construction, utilities, and manufacturing. Had we taken a more generalized approach, we could only pull from a small pool of hires with the right skills for your needs. Instead, because our entire hiring pool consists of engineers, construction, and manufacturing professionals, we have a deeper range of talent to consider for your open position. 

Furthermore, while we focus on only a few industries, our talent pool covers a wide array of segments and skill sets. As a result, we can find the most specific matches for your open positions. We’ve found hires for general positions, highly niche positions, and everything in between. 

Various Hiring Options 

As a specialist in engineering, construction, utility, and manufacturing staffing, we understand that finding quality candidates means finding the right match for each job type. Some staffing agencies will try to find matches that are “close enough.” For instance, they may place an electrical engineering candidate who wants a full-time job with a company that only wants contract hires for a power generation improvement project. 

Thanks to the depth of our talent pool, however, we can match job seekers with the kind of work that they desire. We facilitate contract staffing, contract to hire staffing, and direct placements. Our talent pool includes individuals seeking each of these job types. 

Finding the right match means more job satisfaction from your hires, and more job satisfaction means more productive work, thus promoting a cycle of hiring retention and overall company wellness. 

Flexible Requirements

engineer staffing agency

Next, we ensure quality candidates by putting your needs at the top of our priority list. First, we start with a free consultation so that you can tell us exactly what you need from your engineer staffing agency. 

Then, we provide a fully customized service, finding the candidate that fits your company’s needs best. When we consider your company’s needs, we don’t just think about what your company needs on paper. We do make placements based on experience, specializations, and skill levels. However, we also consider factors, such as workplace culture, company dynamics, and other things that are harder to define. All of these factors blend together in our placement considerations. 

We use a boutique-style service, departing from the one-size-fits-all approach for a more tailored, detailed hiring process. 

Focused Commitment 

You expect a certain level of commitment from your engineer staffing agency. You don’t want your recruiter’s attention to be divided among various projects. When you want to grow your company or fill out your team for specific projects, you need a hiring team that won’t put your needs on the back burner. 

As a boutique engineer staffing agency, we can provide complete and focused attention on your hiring case while we look for the right candidates for your organization. We find high-quality candidates by keeping our clients at the top of our priorities list. 

Multiple Options for Finding Candidates 

When you choose an engineer staffing agency, you expect your agency to go beyond job boards. After all, if job boards always worked, then you wouldn’t need a staffing agency. 

As you already know, job boards don’t always provide the full picture — either of the job itself or of the candidates applying for that job. 

We go way beyond job boards when we fill our talent pool. We use our own resources, including: 

  • Networking and past hires 
  • Our extensive proprietary engineering database 
  • The most advanced technology and search methods in the industry 

As a result, we know our talent pool well, so it doesn’t take us long to find the right fit for the job. You’ll have no shortage of hiring options, and you can go straight to the most qualified candidates without weeding through resumes that don’t fit your requirements. Plus, our network is nationwide, so we have the resources we need to make placements all across the US. 

Talent Pool Screening 

Because we don’t rely on job boards, we can put more thought and effort into making the best job placements. Our engineer staffing agency screens potential candidates using several criteria. We emphasize skill level, experience, leadership ability, technical knowledge, work ethic, and much more. Our screening process goes beyond the basics. We only place high-quality employees and contractors. When engineers make it to our talent pool, it’s because they’ve demonstrated the qualities that employers like you are seeking. 

An Engineer Staffing Agency That Offers Support After the Hire 

Finally, our engineer staffing agency provides support after the hire. If you have questions or need further services, you can always reach out to us. Our team members are ready to help at every part of the hiring process and beyond. 

Contact Us with Your Engineer Staffing Agency Questions 

Advastar uses the above methods and more to find the highest quality talent. Then, we match that talent to the companies that need them the most. If you have questions about our process, or if you need an engineer staffing agency, contact Advastar now to get started. Schedule your free consultation, or call us at (913) 730-7738.