Meeting Demand for Infrastructure Job Opportunities

It’s reported that for every billion federal dollars spent on infrastructure, 13000 jobs are supported. With infrastructure being a significant part of the recent Covid stimulus bill, there are significant job opportunities in this sector. Many employers are turning to options like a civil engineer staffing agency to fill these positions. 

Infrastructure occupations set for growth involve those that make plans and designs, prepare worksites, build the infrastructure, and inspect and monitor the construction. Infrastructure jobs are good opportunities for millions of Americans, with wages higher than the median. Examples of these jobs include civil and environmental engineers, architects, and surveyors. Other workers needed for infrastructure projects are from the construction trades – both general labor and those responsible for managing and inspecting work. 

One unique aspect of infrastructure job growth is that they require a high education level. Infrastructure projects create jobs for high school, trade school, and four-year university graduates. The good pay offered in this sector makes this an ideal opportunity for job seekers. The outlook is very promising for anyone already in this field, although there are some potential challenges for employers. 

Engineering Field Infrastructure Job Growth 

In 2019, there were 17.2 million infrastructure jobs. Considering the annual retirement rate in infrastructure is 10.4%, there is the potential for a shortage of workers in this field, especially from the engineering disciplines. In fact, a 20% growth in jobs requiring civil engineers is expected. This level of growth is considerably larger than the average percentage for all occupations. 

Civil engineers are responsible for the design of infrastructure projects. They create designs for roads, buildings, airports, tunnels, dams, and water/sewer systems. In addition, they are involved in supervising the construction phase of projects. Companies that are awarded infrastructure projects will need to fill these positions quickly as the number of projects increase. 

Another demand on this labor pool is for renewable energy projects. Renewable energy was already a job growth field, and this will only increase with the stimulus bill. 

Civil Engineer Staffing Agency Solutions 

Civil engineers get infrastructure projects off the ground. Their role is not only important in the design phase, but also in pulling the necessary permits to start projects. With the number of retirees possibly exceeding new college graduates entering the engineering field, companies may find themselves hard-pressed to fill these positions. 

A staffing agency that specializes in the engineering field, like Advastar, offers a solution. Rather than using internal human resource time to fill vacant infrastructure positions, Advastar is a cost-effective choice. 

Advastar recruits engineering candidates based on a company’s specific needs. We customize our recruiting by considering a company’s dynamics, culture, and technical requirements. Additionally, we look at the labor needs based on the engineering discipline, as well as infrastructure project size and scope. We also pay attention to the soft skills required for a candidate.  

The benefit for a company awarded an infrastructure project is our access to a wide talent pool. Our proprietary engineering database combines technology with our vast recruiting experience. Advastar’s recruiters don’t rely on job boards, but instead use networking referral partners, previous hires and passive candidates. We provide both temporary and permanent staff solutions. 

Construction Job Growth in Infrastructure

Engineers aren’t the only type of staffing needed for infrastructure jobs. Many workers will come from the construction industry and skilled trades. Infrastructure projects create demand for estimators, project managers, drafters, and forepeople.

The most infrastructure-related job growth will involve construction laborers. It’s expected that there will be 150,400 new jobs in this area by 2026. The jobs include general laborers, carpenters, plumbers, pipefitters, and electricians.  

Advastar recruiters are experts in construction staffing as well. We use the same successful recruiting methods as we do in the engineering field. Not only can we fill these positions to meet a timeline, but we also manage their payroll if requested. 

Why Use a Civil Engineer Staffing Agency Like Advastar to Meet Demand for Infrastructure Opportunities?

Whether you have a shovel-ready project or one planned for the future, you can rely on Advastar’s combined 100 years of recruiting experience. We help companies scale up for labor demands so they are ready for infrastructure project opportunities. When companies partner with Advastar to meet staffing challenges, they find we save time, money, and resources. And we find the most qualified candidates to make sure projects are completed on time and on budget. 

When a company starts an infrastructure project, they may not know whether the positions it creates are permanent. Our approach fills this need by providing short-term contract employees as well as permanent hires. Some companies want something in between, and we offer contract-to-hire staffing in those cases. A project is a good way to try an employee out. If it’s a good fit, then you can offer permanent employment at the end of a project. 

We take the time to understand a company’s needs and develop a staffing solution to meet them. Advastar offers the companies we work with top-notch labor and professional staff that arrive at a project ready to work. 

For more information on how we can help your company meet infrastructure job growth needs, contact us today!