6 Interviewing Tips to Help You Get a Job Provided by an Engineering Staffing Agency

At Advastar, we are an engineering staffing agency whose goal is to get job seekers set up with their perfect employment match. The first step in helping you to find a job is to check out our open positions. If you see one that sounds like a good fit, go ahead and send us your resume. We look over your resume to see if the skills match up to the job description. Once we are confident that we have a job that fits your skill set, we will recommend you for an interview.

The interview is one of the most important parts of the job application process. It is crucial to have a good interview in order to secure a new position. That being said, don’t stress! As long as you are prepared and know what to do, you will be able to leave your interview knowing you made a good impression. Read on to learn about 6 interviewing tips to help you get a job.

Be Prepared and Seek Help From Advastar, an Engineering Staffing Agency

The first step is to be prepared! In our opinion, you can never be too prepared for an interview. When you step into the interview, you should know the company like the back of your hand. Fully understand the job description, what the company does, and how you think you can help them if they were to hire you. Here are some great ways to prepare for an interview:

  • Review the job description and write down how your past skills and experiences make you a good candidate.
  • Make sure your resume is current.
  • Spend a lot of time on the company’s website.
  • Read industry news articles.
  • Ask Advastar, your engineering staffing agency, any questions you may have about the company.
  • Do a practice interview! Have a friend or family member pretend to interview you so that you get to practice answering typical interview questions.
  • Write down common interview questions and how you would answer them so that you will be prepared when they come up in the interview.

Remember, there are most likely several other people getting interviewed for the same position. The more prepared you are, the better of a chance you will have at getting the job. Impress the interviewers by how knowledgeable you are about their business.

Dress Professionally

You could have the best interview ever, but unfortunately, if you are not dressed professionally, you might not get the job. Dressing professionally shows that you have a high level of care and respect for the company and those interviewing you. It shows that you take the process very seriously. The Balance Careers is a great resource that can help you find the perfect outfit for any type of interview.

Bring Your Resume, Even If It Was Already Provided to The Company by the Engineering Staffing Agency

Your interviewer will most likely have your resume printed and in front of them as they interview you. That being said, it is important that you bring some copies as well. You never know who you will meet that may want a copy of your resume. Slide the resumes in a padfolio so that you have an organized and professional way to carry them around with you.

Be Respectful to Everyone You Meet

The general rule of thumb about an interview is that everyone you meet is part of the interview process. From the front desk secretary who walks you to your destination, to the person who takes you out for lunch, they are all observing your demeanor and level of respect. Often, after the interview, all employees that came in contact with you will be asked about your behavior. This means that you need to be extremely polite, friendly, and respectful to every person you meet.

Ask Questions

As soon as the interviewer says, “Do you have any questions?” don’t assume that the interview is over! This next part is very important. This is where you have a chance to show the interviewer that you have put time and effort into researching the company and job and have genuine questions to help you learn more. Before the interview, come up with a list of 5-7 questions that you have ready to ask at the end. Put some thought into your questions and avoid just asking generic, off-the-internet questions. Your interviewer will appreciate your thoughtful questions.

Follow Up With a Thank-You Email

Back in the day, job seekers would mail thank you notes to their interviewer thanking them for their time. In today’s digital world, it is fine to do this over email. Once you are home from your interview, take the time to type up and send a personalized thank-you note to everyone who interviewed you. Make sure to add in specifics to the company and the interview so that it does not appear you are just using a thank-you email template. Also, it is important to note that this email should be sent within 24 hours of the interview. Your interviewer will be very impressed that you took the time to email a thank-you note. Not all interviewees will do this, so it can help you stand out. Indeed.com provides some great examples of post-interview thank-you notes to help you get started.

An Engineering Staffing Agency Can Help!

At Advastar, we help job seekers find employment with a company that will be able to utilize their skill set and experience. Our goal is to find a good match so that if the hire is made, both the employee and the employer will be happy. In addition, as an engineering staffing agency, we have a lot of advice to offer our job seekers when it comes to interviewing for engineering positions. From being prepared to following up with a thank-you note, we stress how important every step of the interview process is. For more information about available jobs and the interview process, contact us today.