5 Reasons Engineers Prefer Working for Staffing Agencies

According to the Frontline Source Group, as many as 90% of companies use staffing agencies. Many of these companies use an engineering employment agency to fill both temporary and permanent positions. Like millions of other workers in the United States, engineers realize the opportunity of working for a staffing agency like Advastar

To understand the benefits of working with staff agencies, consider these five reasons many engineers prefer it. 

  • An Engineering Employment Agency Provides Access to Unlisted Jobs 

It’s no wonder so many companies rely solely on staffing agencies like Advastar to fill engineering positions. It saves them time and money while giving them access to high-quality talent. Jobs at these companies are not posted publicly, and many engineers realize a staffing agency opens up opportunities they wouldn’t have access to otherwise. 

Other unlisted jobs available solely through a staffing agency include special project assignments. Staffing agencies offer solutions when a company needs to ramp up quickly for a new project. For example, when a business is awarded a large construction project, there is a lot to do before breaking ground. In these instances, companies don’t always have time to go through the process of posting jobs. Since we also specialize in construction job placement, Advastar is the first choice for filling the various jobs created by a project. 

  • A Staffing Agency Can Help Find the Best Match in an Employer  

Contract-to-hire is one of the options Advastar’s clients choose from in filling open positions. With this arrangement, both the employer and employee can determine if there is a good fit during the contract phase. If so, the engineer transitions to a direct employee of the company. It’s an excellent way for engineers to know they are making the right choice. Working inside an organization is a unique opportunity to get to know a potential employer. 

We spend time getting to know a client’s company culture as well as the required skills and qualifications for a position. This helps us match an engineer to the best-suited positions. Whether it’s contract-to-hire, permanent, or temporary positions, our approach yields the best results for both the engineer and hiring company. 

  • Engineers Gain New Employer Connections Through Staffing Agencies

Getting a foot in the door of a desirable employer is not an easy task. An engineering employment agency like Advastar accomplishes this for candidates. Even when an engineer is not set up in a contract-to-hire situation, performing well in a temporary position can lead to direct employment. 

Networking is a way to grow a successful career. In addition, working for a staffing agency opens doors to new contacts for engineers. A contact with a hiring manager may not result in a permanent job today, but it can be a valuable resource in the future. Connections establish an engineer so their name is the first to come to mind when opportunities arise. 

  • Engineers Like the Flexibility of Working for a Staffing Agency 

When an engineer has the ability to decide which projects they accept through a staffing agency, they enjoy flexibility. 

As an example, a retired engineer earns extra income through a staffing agency but doesn’t choose to work year-round. Or, an engineer working towards an advanced degree also values the flexibility of being in the talent pool for a staffing agency. They accept work assignments to fit their educational schedule. Couples with young children consider that the option of one income earner working on temporary assignments can be ideal. 

Engineering employment agencies like Advastar are often the perfect solution for job seekers’ various stages in life. 

  • Engineers Appreciate How a Staffing Agency Saves Them Time

engineering employment agency

Seeking employment is a time-consuming process. In a job search, engineers appreciate that a staffing agency brings the jobs to them. They save time searching for open positions, sending out resumes, and interviewing with multiple companies before they find employment. Advastar’s relationship with employers means we know about open positions first. Savvy job seekers understand the value of being part of our engineering talent pool. 

Why Engineers Prefer Working with Advastar

Advastar is Kansas City’s most trusted staffing agency, and we have a nationwide footprint. We recruit direct placement, contract-to-hire, and short-term contract engineering staff for leading companies across multiple industries.

We’re invested in the success of our engineering talent. When we match the right person to the right opportunity, the candidate is happier and so are our clients. 

Joining our talent network opens up opportunities for engineers at all stages in their careers. Once an engineer’s information is in our database, they receive job alerts for positions matching their skills, interests, and field specialty. Advastar offers the opportunity for engineers to have the flexibility of short-term assignments, evaluate potential long-term positions, or find the perfect permanent position with an employer. 

We save time during your job search while providing choices for your employment goals. If you’re an engineer in the job market or a passive candidate wanting to explore opportunities, visit our website today to join our talent network!